Christoph Fuhrken / Kamelogana Project


Christoph Fuhrken a.k.a. Kamelogana lives and works in Rastede, Germany.


The word Kamelogana comprises the word camel and the word fata morgana, which reminds on the vision of a permanent peace in the world. In all my artworks the camel and the redflower are the recurrent motifs, which complete euch other as oppositional signs. An interplay of hope and peace and the desire to vanquish the distress of war and the war itself.


Christoph Fuhrken EXHIBITIONS

- March 2003 the first watercolour diarys Kamelogana

 June 2003 the Social-Nail-Sculpture 'KAMELOGANA' against distress in Iraq (12th-18th June 2003), to raise funds for the needy population in Iraq, Friedensplatz, Darmstadt, Germany

- September 2003 on the occasion of the long night of the Muse in Darmstadt the first watercolours are shown with reference to the topic "Kamelogana" Communal Gallery, 64283 Darmstadt

- August 2004 “Dream-Room 1001” / Exhibition Communal Gallery, 64283 Darmstadt. Introduction speech with regard to the exhibition: Hadayatullah Hübsch

- Septeber 2004 Long Night Of The Muses Kamelogana Project - Performance, Große Bachgasse 2, Justus Liebig Haus, 64283 Darmstadt

- February 2005 presentation of the Kamelogana Project, Museum Karl Ernst Osthaus, Hagen

- March 2005 presentation of the Kamelogana Project, New Society For Visual Arts, Berlin

- 10th July 2005 campaign 100qm black film dedicated to the memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in London (07th July 2005), Friedensplatz, 64283 Darmstadt

- 2005-2011 mail art project with Hadayatullah Hübsch

and many many more say NO 2 WAR!! check out project:

- August 2006 Exhibition of groups musenknutsch 21, 64289 Darmstadt

- Dec. 09th.-22th 2006 Solo Exhibition Kamelogana Project "SIGNS" Vernissage with a literature Performance by Hadayatullah Hübsch / guitar Frank Witzel, FACTORY, Frankfurterstr.24, 64293 Darmstadt

- January 2007 Exhibition of groups together with the artists Malte Schlorf and Robert James Meuser, Luisencenter, Luisenplatz 5, 64283 Darmstadt

- December 2007 Exhibition of groups “END…BEGINNING” in in the Communal Gallery in Darmstadt / Justus-Liebig-Haus, 64283 Darmstadt

- 07th-09th March 2008 samples of works and information state Kamelogana Project at the Iraq conference in 2008 to the 5th anniversary of the war, alternatives to war and crew, Humboldt University to Berlin and House of Democracy, Berlin

- 05th-06th July 2008 Exhibition of groups at the event most cultural / art at the Main organizer: the organization ring Frankfurt M.-highest registered association

- 21th August-19th October 2008 Hadayatullah Hübsch "The absence of the artist in his work / or somethinggood in everything I see" 120 postcard collages are shown from the Kamelogana Project, a choice pretty, these were taken and last to this day from the correspondence with Hadayatullah Hübsch since Sept.2005 station 73.01 Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Waldschmidtstr.4 D-60316 Frankfurt/Main

- November 2008 Exhibition of groups 30 collages / Assemblagen. Gallery Johannishaus, Johannisallee 2, 04317 Leipzig. Owner of the gallery: Bernhard Wiesbeck.

- 06th-27th September 2009 Kamelogana Projekt ART EXHIBITION " P A X ! " Christoph Fuhrken, Max Weinberg, Hadayatullah Hübsch and many other artists exhibits to donate for the refugee aid in Pakistan / CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.

- October 2009 Kolahstudio / Underground Art Media and Basement presents the Assemblage UNDERCOVER, Tehran, Iran.

- 26th February 2010 Kamelogana Project Street Art Event at the Place of Republic in Berlin: 100 pink ballons flying with the ballot "DEPLETED URANIUM Do yo want to go there? Yes / No"

- 03th-12th September 2010 Kamelogana Project Exhibition in Oldenburg/Oldb. "The Blue Container ANTI-WAR" participating artists: Mohammed Sami (Iraq), Rai Escalé (Spain), Khamoosh (Iran), Max Weinberg (Germany), Hadayatullah Hübsch (Germany), Jörg Seifert (Germany), Jochen Klösgen (Germany), Failure (USA), Smut (USA), MadGods (USA), Oliver Demet (Fantomboy81) (Belgium), Daniel Cantrell (UK), Luis Dayton (UK), Dieter Fritz (Germany), Annedore Keller (Germany), David Young V (USA), GhalamDar (Iran), Markuza (Brasil), Fokko (Germany), Johannes Kwauka (Germany).
BANDS: Nils Damage, Anda, Abraxas Apperatus, Henner Destruction, DeltaRocker, GoreThiefs, Subclub, Matini Schmerzverstärker, Beelzebub Airlines... Ankerstr 25, 26122 Oldenburg

- October 2010 Exhibition of groups "World of Art “ Urania Berlin e.V. An der Urania 17, 10787 Berlin.

- March 2011 sticker expo 1 2 3... OPPLA STICK True Love Art Gallery Savona Italy

- June 2011 participation the online Creative Divergents Showcase

- 6th August-6th September 2011 LuminArte Design Gallery in Dallas, Texas USA celebrates Andy Warhol´s 83rd Birthday with an exhibition of 21st Century Warhol inspired art and exhibit the artworks CAESAR, AIR MAIL and GOLD during the groupexhibition “What would Andy Do?” „They always say time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself.“- Andy Warhol
Artists: Jason Reynaga (Professor of Art, Wade College, Dallas, TX.), Penelope Fox (Philadelphia, Bristol), Marisa Candaten (Dallas and Austin,TX.), Kathy Seaboyer (Jalisco, Mexico), Christi Emery (Kansas City, Missouri), Gini Walker (San Diego, CA.), Liz London (Dallas,TX.), Jim Lively (Dallas TX.), Tate Foley (St. Louis, Missouri), Terry Neal (Dallas,TX.), Christoph Fuhrken (Darmstadt, Rastede/Ipwege, Germany), Kristin Smallwood (Portland, Oregon), Jose Angel Hernandez (Los Angeles, California).

- 10th-11th September 2011 Kamelogana Project Light Installation with an exhibition of collages and  stencil art works at the "Huntebrücke". A bridge over the river Hunte BAB Oldenburg / Bremen.

- 28th April 2012 Opening the Gallery CUT UP in Rastede-Loy, Germany.
28th April-17th June 2012 Exhibition ART 4 PEACE I " Kamelogana Project and Friends /Artworks and Mail-Art with original cartoons of Tuli Kupferberg".
Participating artists: Max Weinberg (Germany), Hadayatullah Hübsch (Germany), Christoph Fuhren (Germany), Luis Drayton (UK), Dede Confidential (Israel), Stefano Fossiant Sini (Italy), Dr. Peter Oehler (Germany), Connie Jean (USA), Svenja Wahl (Germany), Mohammed Sami (Iraq), Olivier Demet aka Fantomboy81 (Belgium), Carolyn Hacker (Germany), Ana Karina (USA), Nils Damage (Germany), Dieter Fritz (Germany), Annedore Keller (Germany), Jim SantAmour (USA), Nadine Wendell-Mojica (USA), Cheryl Penn (South Africa), Christian Obst (Germany), Elke Röbken (Germany). Music: Uwe Kellner

- 07th July-04th August, 2012 Exhibition ART 4 PEACE II "WE ALL SHARE THE SAME" with artworks of Christoph Fuhrken (Germany), Dede Confidential (Israel) and BUTJATHA Elsfleht-Moordorf (Germany). Music: Fritz Knipper & Gunnar Creszik / DAS SENSATIONELLE KONZERT DUO

- 08th September-20th October, 2012 Exhibition ART 4 PEACE III "Stencils Peaceful World 1"with the artworks of Christoph Fuhren (Germany), BOE (UK), Robert Kunec (Germany), Hem Jyotika (India), Wan Yu Wendy Chien (Canada), Mariana Rivero (Argentinia), Corban Renouf (Australia), Tim Young (Germany), Andrej Babenko (Belgium), Mark Fitz (Irland), Dede Confidential (Israel), Juan Sly (UK), Mad One (USA), Joe Bloggs67 (UK), Marty Stickems (USA), Regan Tamanui aka HA-HA (Australia), Stefan Winterle aka Leckomio (Germany), John Melven (UK). Music: SPIELTRIEB von Lennart Quiring und Philipp Kasburg.

- 27th April-24th Mai 2013 Solo Exhibition Christoph Fuhrken "Kamelogana Projekt" / Gallery ART BY GORA, Basaltstr.8, 60487 Frankfurt a.M.
Vernissage: April 27th 7 pm with the poet and musican Anis Hamadeh.

- 03th-16th August, 2013 Group Exhibition "FREIheit FreeDOM" / Gallery ART BY GORA, Basaltstr.8, 60487 Frankfurt a.M.

- 2013 Finalist / STENCIL ART PRIZE 2013 Australia / 16th October-27th October, 2013. Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney. The Stencil Art Prize is the only large scale prize in the world that exists to recognise and reward stencil artists.

- December 2013 Exhibition Elke Röbken Fotografie... / Christoph Fuhrken Stencils... Gallery CUT UP, 26180 Rastede.

- February 2014 Solo exhibition at the gallery NWZ / NWZ-Media House, Nordwest-Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG, Peterstrasse 28-34, 26121 Oldenburg

- June 2014 Solo Exhibition Christoph Fuhrken / Kamelogana 2014 / STENCIL ARTWORKS, Galerie CUT UP, 26180 Rastede

- November 2014 Solo Exhibition Christoph Fuhrken / Kamelogana / KAFFEE & KLEID, Kurwickstr. 6, 26122 Oldenburg

- February 2015 Exhibition of groups "white colours" Kunstsalon Kunststück Berlin, Braunschweiger Straße 64, 12055 Berlin

- June 2015 Exhibition of groups "The Eagle Has Landet: Apollo 11-45 Years Later, Galerie Dzialari, Warschau, Polen

- October 2015 Finalist STENCIL ART PRIZE 2015 (16th-30t October 2015), aMBUSH GALLERY-Central Park, Sydney, Australien

- November 2015 Exhibition of groups "Die Vier-Tage-Galerie 2015" Famila Einkaufsland Wechloy e.V., Oldenburg

- February 2016 Finalist in The Kutz Stencil Art Award / It´s All 2 Much Art Gallery, Bristol, UK

- Mai 2016 Finalist 9. Heise Kunstpreis, Heidestraße 75, 06842 Dessau-Roßlau ALTE FEUERWACHE DESSAU (28th Mai-10th June 2016)

- September 2016 Finalist STENCIL ART PRIZE Sydney Fringe Festival vom  05th – 25th September 2016, Sydney, Australien

- 2017 with "SEAL" Finalist in the 2016 STENCIL ART PRIZE / Adelaide Fringe Flinders University City Gallery (11th February-09th April 2017) / Adelaide, Australia

- 2017 with "VENUS" Finalist in THE KUTZ STENCIL AWARD / 11th March to 8th April 2017 / It´s All 2 Much Gallery, Bristol, UK

- 2017 group exhibition APOLLO IN DER PYRAMIDE / The Eagle has landed – 25th February-25th March / Ausstellungszentrum Pyramide, Riesaer Str. 94, 12627 Berlin.

- 02th June-02th July 2017 Exhibition URBAN ART / KUNSTVEREIN WÖRTH e.V. Städtische Galerie "Altes Rathaus", Ludwigstr.1, 76744 Wörth am Rhein,21717/urbanart-2017.html

14th-17th September 2017 Trade Fair 2.CREATIVE OLDENBURG / bau_werk Halle am Pferdemarkt, Pferdemarkt 8a, 26121 Oldenburg

21th September 2017 KAMELOGANA Stencil Art Solo Exhibition bau_werk Halle in Oldenburg. WO BLEIBT DIE MITTE?! STREET ART-SO SWEET ART / bau_werk Halle am Pferdemarkt, Pferdemarkt 8a, 26121 Oldenburg / bau-werk e.V. Oldenburger Forum für Baukultur Mitglied im Netzwerk Baukultur in Niedersachsen e.V.

18th November 2017 KAMELOGANA STENCIL ART Solo Exhibition / POP-UP-GALERIE / Don´t Touch The Art / Sparte 7 / Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, Baumgartenstraße 11, 26122 Oldenburg

06.2018 Group Exhibition "THE KINGDOM OF THE ROSE / Homage to the female figure" Lys d´Or Art Web Gallery, Italy / Kuratorin: Katya Sanna

09.2018 online exhibition Mail Art Call Tema Alice no País das Maravilhas / Alice im Wunderland / Alice in wonderland / all in the golden afternoon clube de fas da Alice no País das Maravilhas, 3020078 Coimbra, Portugal

11.2018 selected and recommended C.O.C.A Center Of Contemporary Artists BARCELONA - ROME - ZURICH ARTPrize 2018

2019 in PUPPET MASTER MAGAZIN An Underground Art And Fringe Thought Collective / Issue 2 / by Eric Polise, New York, USA

2019 Exhibition of groups Installation LOS SOCIOS Y COMPANIA von David Hinojosa (DHAdmann), Galería Libertad, Quéretaro, México from 4th of July until 11th of August

2019 Kamelogana Street Art Project WOMAN SERGEANT FOR PEACE ON TOUR / London...

2019 - 2020 Finalist STENCIL ART PRIZE - TOURING EXHIBITION. Exhibition Launch on 13 September 2019 at Tortuga Studios​, Sydney, NSW, Australia / Southern Buoy Studios, 7 December 2019 - February 2020, Mornington (57 KM south of Melbourne) VIC, Australia / Gympie Regional Gallery, -24 June-31 July 2020, Gympie, QLD, Australia / Glasshouse Regional Gallery, 19 September 2020 - 29 November 2020, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

2019 The Social Art Award WE ARE THE PEOPLE - Can Art Catalyze Change? The Institute for Art and Innovation e. V., 10435 Berlin "WE ARE THE PEOPLE" - THE SOCIAL ART AWARD 2019-2020

2020 TheHiddenArtProject They Are Not Hidden In Their Art But Free In Their Projects!! Oldenbur(Oldb)